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Mountain Lion Hunting - Featured Outfitters

Featured Mountain Lion Hunting outfitters, guides and lodges.


Carney's Guide Service
Featured Business
21218 Apple Lane, Eckert, CO 81418
Phone: (970) 234-0262, Phone 2: (970) 623-1667

Carney Mountain Lion Hunts take place over rough terrain in the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado. The elusive Colorado Cougar makes its home within the Rim Rock canyon country, which can make for a physical yet exciting hunt. Over the past few years we have had close to 100% success rates on our Mountain Lion Hunts with weather conditions being the primary hindrance to success.

Ivory & Antler Outfitters
Featured Business
5027 Northern Lights Dr. Unit D, Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (720) 218-4677

Guided mountain lion hunting with Ivory & Antler Outfitters. Contact us with questions.


Redbone Outfitting
Featured Business
1938 Thundermutt, Corvallis, MT 59828
Phone: (406) 370-5419

These hunts are conducted behind highly trained hounds in the Little Rocky Mountains around Zortman. Mountain snow is a must for these hunts and clients will need to be on call for this area.


G&J Outdoors
Featured Business
PO Box 307, Auburn, CA 95604
Phone: (530) 263-0492

Our 5 day guided lion hunts take place in Northern Nevada. Our hunts are based out of Elko, Nevada but we are licensed statewide for lions and will hunt wherever conditions are best. Because these hunts typically take place in the snow and in mountainous terrain, you can make the most of your hunt by showing up in good physical condition. The best time to hunt lions is right after a storm when you have fresh snow. Because of this the best time to go is December through February, or be on call and come when the conditions are perfect.

New Mexico

Sierra Blanca Outfitters
Featured Business
PO BOX 71, Chacon, NM 87713
Phone: (505) 429-2887

Welcome to Sierra Blanca Outfitters. We are a licensed and insured outfitter out of Holman, New Mexico. Owned and operated by Peter Romero, a very experienced hunter of all New Mexico species. We have an abundance of land available to us throughout the state of New Mexico.

H&A Outfitters, Inc.
Featured Business
P.O. Box 16461, Santa Fe, NM 87592
Phone: (505) 474-6959

H&A Outfitters mountain lion hunts take place throughout New Mexico on both public lands and large private ranches from October through March. Elevations range from 6,000 feet to 10,000 feet.

Wheaton Creek Ranch
Featured Business
HC 70 Box 8, Ocate, NM 87734
Phone: (575) 666-2211, After Hours: (575) 666-2474

Cougar Hunting on the Ranch has only been allowed for the last 3 years. We have a very healthy population of big toms. Hunts are scheduled after January.


Panhandle Outfitters Of Texas
Featured Business
13797 County Road 20, Perryton, TX 79070
Phone: (806) 228-3114

Coyotes, Foxes, Mountain Lions and More. Panhandle Outfitters Of Texas offers the most high action predator hunting in the Texas Panhandle. Predators may be harvested in any number 365 days a year. From electronic or mouth calling, tracking with 4-wheelers to safari style hunting, this will be a one of a kind experience.


Bar-Nunn Hunting
Featured Business
253 Sodergreen Road, Laramie, WY 82070
Cell: (307) 760-4699

The Wyoming Mountain Lion/Cougar season runs from September ? March, however the most successful time to hunt a mountain lion is during the winter months. We like to schedule our mountain lion hunts from November-March when there is adequate snow on the ground for our dogs to help track and catch these elusive animals. We start very early in the morning looking for a fresh mountain lion track. Once we have found a good track, the hunt is on! However, finding the track is just the beginning to what can be a very long day of hiking through the toughest of terrain. We strongly encourage all of our mountain lion hunters to get in the best shape possible prior to their hunt. Due to the extreme physical exertion required for this hunt we strongly discourage anyone with health concerns or medical problems from attempting this hunt.

Beaver Trap Outfitters
Featured Business
PO Box 22, Dayton, WY 82836
Ross: (307) 461-0655

Mountain lion hunts start November 15 and run through the month of March. Lions are hunted on private ranches, National Forest and BLM. All offer great access and lots of lions. A lion track is located in fresh snow with ATV's and the hounds are set free on the track. The end result is a trophy mountain lion treed. All hounds are owned and trained by myself and you won't find a better pack of hounds. If your looking for a thrilling one-on-one hunt with with top notch hounds, this hunts for you!

Powder River Pursuits
Featured Business
Gillette, WY 82717
Phone: (307) 267-6458

North East Wyoming have very high populations of this extremely elusive animal. Mountain lions are one of most sought after predators in the nation, and there is no wonder why after seeing one up close and personal.