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Canyon Rim Outfitters

Canyon Rim Outfitters
Scott Summers - Owner
1112 Alta Mesa Rd
Silt, CO 81652

Contact Info:
Cell: (970) 930-0065


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We are a family owned and operated business with a mission to take you on a Colorado lion hunt of a lifetime. We strictly/exclusively hunt mountain lions, unlike competitors who sell lion hunts to subsidize them by keeping their elk and deer guides busy during the winter months. We have an excellent team of well-trained plott hounds that can get the job done in all weather conditions. Canyon Rim Outfitters is well known for catching trophy toms in some of Colorado’s roughest and extreme conditions. We aren’t using old beat up equipment and dogs that have been taped together to last another week--we only settle for the best. All of us, including the plott hounds, at Canyon Rim will work hard and long hours to send you home successful at the end of the hunt. Were not in the business to separate you from your wallet or fix you a fancy 5-Star meal and pamper you--we are here to get you a trophy lion. Getting up early on a cold winter morning, loading the excited plott hounds into the dog box of the truck, then following the pack of plotts as they are tailing and walking a track through some of the most rugged and beautiful canyons and mountains in western Colorado make this a hunt that will burn images in your mind forever.